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~で困る:be in trouble with

Next year, my son will finally enter a kinder garden! It means that I will be free longer than now. I’m already dreaming of eating lunch with my friend who has also her son about my son’s age. I’ve never had enough time and relaxed with her because of our energetic boys. I think of course we deserve it since most of our free time has been taken from our son!

Anyway, I was a bit worried if I could secure a seat for my son in the kinder garden. I heard the rumor that I needed to go and wait to secure the seat before the time when they started accepting application forms. The time is at 8, but it was said that it would be necessary to come around 5 or 6 am because of the limited seating.
I really doubt it because nowadays Japan is in the trouble with a shortage of children! However, I asked the administrative staff there about the application number of the past few years just in case. She said “I can hear such a rumor every year. However, we haven’t turned down the applicants for more than a decade”. It was good news for me. So I decided to go there 10 to 15 minutes before on the day.

The day before the day, I went to a nearby park with my son. I met a mother who had also her son at the same age as my son. While we were talking, I found out that she chose the same kinder garden as mine. I asked what time she would go to apply and to my surprised, she said “I will be there at least at 6 o’clock”. That was surprising. I didn’t make any necessary arrangements to go out in such an early morning. I hurried to call my husband and asked him to take a time off the following day.

On the day, my husband was willing to go and wait. He seemed happy because he got an unexpected day off and a plenty of time to read books. He left home around 6 and it was unfortunately too dark to read a book…

Thanks to him, it paid off! When he arrived there, the ticket he got said “59”. This is 59 out of 70, which is the number of the limited seating. What if I hadn’t have met the mother….

He went through the application process and he came back home around eight thirty. I suggested him go to work, but he said that he deserved a day off because he did a great job even for a few hours.

So, we decided to go to a zoo to take advantage of this unexpected holiday.

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