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I was supposed to hold free TOEIC seminar for some staff in a university.
However, it was postponed due to a typhoon.
How many times did typhoons hit our area this year??
Actually, the previous typhoon also hit our area when I had some new visitors who wanted to try out my English conversation class. Fortunately, the visitors came to the following class and decided to
sign up for my class, though.

The train schedule was a totally mess and my husband was forced to stay home until the train started to work as usual. He ended up playing with him until he left home.

While he enjoyed playing with our son, I was upstairs and preparing for my job because it looked like there was no meaning that I was there.
It has passed a couple of hours and my husband finally had to go to work.
As I imagined, my son was terribly sad and bitterly cried as if he was abandoned even though his mom was there!

After he saw the door closed, he started to climb upstairs with a lot of tears on his eyes and he said to me “Don’t come!”, waving dismissing hands.

I tried to hold him, but he strongly refused and threw some things to me. The behavior could look like a sign of the way of his thinking that he might distrust or underestimate his mom.

Considering that, I was getting sad and blamed myself for being such an untrustworthy mom and ended up crying like childish…

Of course, I knew that he didn’t have any intention to compare with his dad and his mom, but he just couldn’t control his overwhelming emotions and took out on me. The reason why I cried might be that I can come up with some reasons in my mind that I was blamed for by him.

Seeing me crying in front of himself, he was a bit surprised and asked me why I was crying. He kindly said “Don’t cry. I’m not crying anymore.” That made me feel bitter a little more and regretted having cried in front him.

I became the person who was consoled although I had to be the person who consoled a crying child…

oh,,,poor dolt!

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