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~するためにはどんな危険も顧みない:brave all dangers to

Recently I’ve watched the news that reported the women who helped an elderly man
and died in unpredicted crash with a train at the railway crossing.
When her car was waiting there, it looked like she noticed the man lying face down on the tracks.

The news program asked the pedestrians the question like this.
“What would you do if you face the same situation?”

I asked the same questions to myself and
couldn’t even imagine what I would do in the same situation.
She braved all danger to save someone else.
I don’t know if I would take the same action to others.

I guess that she might have had her own belief like she wants to be cooperative for someone
whatever it takes or something and stuck to it in her life.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t have moved so quickly.
If you need to take more than 10 seconds to decide what action you take or what the right thing is,
the train would just be passing in front of you.

Last night, I asked my husband the same question.
His answer was not what I had expected. He said,
“ This sounds like a silly question.You know what I put priority on.”
I was relieved to hear that a bit because he seemed to always follow his strong sense of justice.

However, he continued “But if the train is still far away from there,
I would help the man, maybe.” How long does it take to judge where the train is?
Maybe I think the second thought is pointless here.

The news said that her father was apparently driving the car and she was seated on the front-seat.
I don’t know well about what he was doing at the moment,
but there is no doubt that I would have strong urge to go and save my daughter if I were him.
Maybe, this is the common thought between me and my husband.

Anyway, although we rarely face such a situation that needs you to make a big decision,
it is necessary to take action straight away when we notice someone in trouble.
Usually small help can be a bid hand and a solution for others.

How much do you usually pay attention to others?
I think this is the more meaningfull question rather than
“do you help the person lying down at the tracks?”.

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