AKIの気ままなDaily Life
~に対する強い愛情:strong affection for

My parents are really helpful to take care of my two year and a half year old son.
They live within 15 minute drive from my house.
I sometimes left my son with them and work in a half of the day.

Yesterday was also my working day. They came to my house and showed my son new several toys,
which were not very expensive but were good enough to make their more enjoyable time with my son while I was out. My son was really excited and didn’t turn his eyes to me even when I was about to leave there.

Did I feel lonely? Not at all! This is totally ideal view when I go out. This is far better than looking at his crying face when I sometimes see in his day care center in separating him. In that way, my parents grow close to my son.

After I came back home and ate lunch with them, it was the time for my son to take a nap.
Although it is always hard to get him calmed down and put him to the bed, once he fell asleep and kept sleeping for almost three hours.

When he was awake, he noticed there was no his grandmother and his grandfather. He burst into crying and asked me where they were again and again. The reason why he loves them is not only that he can get new toys but also that he might understand the pure strong affection my parents have for my son.

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