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~するほどインパクトが強いものは無い:nothing has as much impact as ~

Recently I’ve watched American drama to improve my English proficiency.
However, I don’t intend to do that to improve listening skill
but to learn natural expressions native speakers use in a daily life.

Actually, I think it’s paid off so far.
I learned a various kinds of expressions I’ve never known.

So, it also means that it is hard work to try to catch every word and keep up with the story first.
When I watch it without any subtitles first, to be honest,
my understanding level is about less than 10 percent.

Next time when I watch it with English subtitles, my understanding level is up to almost 70 percent.
Although I said that I didn’t intend to do that to improve listening skill,
I seem to need to improve it more in reality.

Watching movies or drama in English without any subtitles is really hard for non-English speakers.
However, many students often ask me if it is effective way to watch them to improve their English ability.

Actually, I’m sure that it should not be a good way for beginners.
On the other hand, I sometimes heard that some students were really happy to catch only a few phrases like just greeting expressions on movies or dramas. Considering the experience, movies or dramas might be a good tool to give the motivation for them to continue studying English.

Eventually, I believe nothing has as much impact as experience the real English world like traveling,
watching English movies or dramas and speaking with English speakers.

This is one of the reasons why I invite Canadian teacher to my class once every three month in spite of the law attendees. I hope everyone recognizes speaking with the teacher in English is more precious experience than catching a few English words on movies.

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