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割があわない:be not worth the trouble

Now there are numerous things my two and a half year old son can do by himself.

He can go to the bathroom, wash his hands, open a drawer and get a dish.
That’s so great! However, there are pros and cons…even on child development.

He can go to the bathroom, but he plays with the toilet paper.
Unused and unrolled paper is sometimes piled up on the floor.

He can wash his hands, but he plays with water. This morning,
I was surprised to see him washing not his hands but his toys with some soap.
Of course, he didn’t care about getting his T-shirt wet at all.

He can prepare a dish, but he risks breaking it.
These things might sound small for you.
However, imagine the time when you are busy in the morning.
Can you live with that?

I know it is good that he tires to do something by himself and makes mistakes.
However I thought that wasn’t worth the trouble
if I need to take the time to handle the things he fails to do.

He always relies on a small step to reach something especially when he uses water.
So I decided to put it away in a place where he can't find it.

I can give it back to him when he becomes more mature.
I’m trying to convince myself in the way because I’m a bit worried
that he might miss chance he can learn something important from the actions
which seem meaningless at first glance.

I hope he will find other thing he is hooked on and play in the right way.

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