AKIの気ままなDaily Life
一目見て:at first glance

I heard from my Canadian tutor that it was common to wash clothes separately by color in Canada.

In Japan, it maybe common to wash all of them at once or
a meticulous person tends to do the laundry by clothes materials.
Of course, it is not the case with me at all…

When I was talking about that with Canadian,
I remembered an incident I had when I had a home stay in Australia.

At that time, all my laundries were left for my host mother.
I didn’t care about how she washed them as long as they were clean.

However, one day I found a mixed colored T-shirt
among neatly folded laundries in my room. That was my formerly white shirt.

At first glance, I didn’t even recognize that it was my T-shirt
because the shape of the shirt was also different from what it used to be…

I didn’t say anything about it to her since my English wasn’t good enough to criticize her.
It made me disappointed a bit and
I realized that even my own life there couldn’t not be controlled by myself.

However, looking back today,
it could be one of the precious experiences which taught me a culture difference.

I wish I should have brought the rainbow colored T-shirt back to Japan
and kept it as one of keepsake.

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