AKIの気ままなDaily Life
wet one's pants:お漏らしをする

A few weeks ago, I started training my son how to get a wash by himself.
I thought that taking away his diaper must have been one of the difficult tasks for mom
and also the big events in his life. It makes him get closer to human!

I've heard that a child will fail to go to the bathroom many times
before he became used to go there and it would take a long time.
However, in his case, he has messed up only a few times and he got to succeed much earlier
than I had expected.

A few days ago, just after I went to bed with my son,
he said “ I want to go to the bathroom!”
I said “Give it a try by yourself.”

Of course, although I understand the risk that he would fail and wet his pants,
it was pain in the neck accompanying him.

To my surprise, he said “OK! I can do it!” .
He carried a step to reach the light switch from somewhere
and turned on the light in the bathroom. I was observing him from a bit away from the toilet
without any expectation of success,
but he managed to climb up to the toilet and adequately sit down.

After he was finished, he flushed the water and stood on the step again to turn off the light.
I was so surprised to see that.

When the parents don’t expect anything,
the child might try to show his or her great ability.

I learned a new strategy to make my son independent!

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