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This is excerpt from New York times.

It turns out that many parents and children want this close contact.

We first observed a shift in this relationship in 1999, when the economy was booming.
Even before the cellphone era, many 20-something women talked with their mothers several times a week.

20-something woman: 20代女性

They discussed boyfriend problems, classes and plans for the future.
They brought home their laundry, went shopping with
their mothers and even pronounced their mothers (and sometimes their fathers) their “best friends.”

They brought home their laundry:laundrは汚い衣類 という意味もあるんですね

Their descriptions might have seemed cloying, yet the mothers involved said that they were thrilled. They took pride in their daughters and reveled in the intimacy.

Their descriptions might have seemed cloying:

My idea

When I was reading this article, I thought " this is me!"
Even though I live apart from my parents, I feel that I'm dependent on my parents,
physically and emotionally.

Although I've never considered or described my parents as best friends,
I think they are one (or two if including my father) of the best mentors.

I don't know any other people who go straight to the point when advising me.
Advice in the roundabout way which is likely to be given from my friends
is not enough for me.

My parents know me very well.
That's why they can give me appropriate advice.

This appropriate advice, especially from my mom, seems to have no rationale.
She has a propensity to rely on instinct to make a decision and give me advice.

If I ask her why she thinks so,
I wouldn't get any answers which make me satisfied.

However, I can't help stopping asking for advice from my mom since
this advice is very efficient and helps me a lot.

Maybe rationale is not important if you feel love in this advice.
Is it right, mom?


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