AKIの気ままなDaily Life
~に対する強い愛情:strong affection for

My parents are really helpful to take care of my two year and a half year old son.
They live within 15 minute drive from my house.
I sometimes left my son with them and work in a half of the day.

Yesterday was also my working day. They came to my house and showed my son new several toys,
which were not very expensive but were good enough to make their more enjoyable time with my son while I was out. My son was really excited and didn’t turn his eyes to me even when I was about to leave there.

Did I feel lonely? Not at all! This is totally ideal view when I go out. This is far better than looking at his crying face when I sometimes see in his day care center in separating him. In that way, my parents grow close to my son.

After I came back home and ate lunch with them, it was the time for my son to take a nap.
Although it is always hard to get him calmed down and put him to the bed, once he fell asleep and kept sleeping for almost three hours.

When he was awake, he noticed there was no his grandmother and his grandfather. He burst into crying and asked me where they were again and again. The reason why he loves them is not only that he can get new toys but also that he might understand the pure strong affection my parents have for my son.
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~するほどインパクトが強いものは無い:nothing has as much impact as ~

Recently I’ve watched American drama to improve my English proficiency.
However, I don’t intend to do that to improve listening skill
but to learn natural expressions native speakers use in a daily life.

Actually, I think it’s paid off so far.
I learned a various kinds of expressions I’ve never known.

So, it also means that it is hard work to try to catch every word and keep up with the story first.
When I watch it without any subtitles first, to be honest,
my understanding level is about less than 10 percent.

Next time when I watch it with English subtitles, my understanding level is up to almost 70 percent.
Although I said that I didn’t intend to do that to improve listening skill,
I seem to need to improve it more in reality.

Watching movies or drama in English without any subtitles is really hard for non-English speakers.
However, many students often ask me if it is effective way to watch them to improve their English ability.

Actually, I’m sure that it should not be a good way for beginners.
On the other hand, I sometimes heard that some students were really happy to catch only a few phrases like just greeting expressions on movies or dramas. Considering the experience, movies or dramas might be a good tool to give the motivation for them to continue studying English.

Eventually, I believe nothing has as much impact as experience the real English world like traveling,
watching English movies or dramas and speaking with English speakers.

This is one of the reasons why I invite Canadian teacher to my class once every three month in spite of the law attendees. I hope everyone recognizes speaking with the teacher in English is more precious experience than catching a few English words on movies.
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痛感する:be keenly aware

I don’ t know a clear definition for a good wife.
Maybe the meaning of the term must be composed of several factors like cooking well,
cleaning house neatly, following a husband without grumbling etc.

Am I a good wife? Maybe…the answer is “No”.
My husband’s temperature hasn’t been back to the normal since last Sunday.
I thought it was just from a heatstroke and he was going to be better soon.
However, he seems worse than I expected.

Although he slept all day yesterday, he still had a slight fever.
Last night, I talked about his condition to my mom.
She blamed me for it,
saying I went out on weekends and left our son with my husband too much.

She said “You know taking care of a child is hard work.
It would be really tough if he needs to “work” on weekends, too”.
She added “He is a bread winner. You are not! You are responsible for his health.”

Looking back to my daily planner, almost all of weekends were fully booked with my job,
seminars, and private matters. I had to agree with my mom.
I didn’t give him free time and he needed to take a rest.

However, I’m sure that there was nothing waste.
Everything was needed for my life and maybe carrier as well.
In addition,
I think choice as to whether my husband accepted this “work” or not
should be left completely up to him.

However, I’m keenly aware that this is also a part of my job as his wife.
Apparently I need to read his real feeling, understand his situation and manage my schedule.
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割があわない:be not worth the trouble

Now there are numerous things my two and a half year old son can do by himself.

He can go to the bathroom, wash his hands, open a drawer and get a dish.
That’s so great! However, there are pros and cons…even on child development.

He can go to the bathroom, but he plays with the toilet paper.
Unused and unrolled paper is sometimes piled up on the floor.

He can wash his hands, but he plays with water. This morning,
I was surprised to see him washing not his hands but his toys with some soap.
Of course, he didn’t care about getting his T-shirt wet at all.

He can prepare a dish, but he risks breaking it.
These things might sound small for you.
However, imagine the time when you are busy in the morning.
Can you live with that?

I know it is good that he tires to do something by himself and makes mistakes.
However I thought that wasn’t worth the trouble
if I need to take the time to handle the things he fails to do.

He always relies on a small step to reach something especially when he uses water.
So I decided to put it away in a place where he can't find it.

I can give it back to him when he becomes more mature.
I’m trying to convince myself in the way because I’m a bit worried
that he might miss chance he can learn something important from the actions
which seem meaningless at first glance.

I hope he will find other thing he is hooked on and play in the right way.
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手を抜く:cut corners

Do you usually clean your house on the day before end of year?
My family makes it a rule to do a big cleaning in summer
because we don’t risk catching a cold due to the cold water and
everything will dry up very soon!

We believed the summer was the best season we do the cleaning and
the hot weather could make the cleaning much easier!

I was in charge of washing net windows out,
which was taken away from more than five windows by my husband.

That task was a kind of playing with my son with water.
I sometimes cut the corners and played the water gun he had.
While I and son was doing these things,
my husband was devoted to wiping windows and cleaning the lower sashes.

In the evening, my husband said that he got sick.
He checked his temperature and it was close to 39 degree…! Oh, my god!
He must have been suffering from heat stroke!!
We might have underestimated the intense summer heat…

We have to find another season for a big cleaning or
he has to follow my example how to cut corners.

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89%→98 %(+7%)






④語彙が理解できる⇒Part5 Part6(時制/品詞問題)







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それが私の性分;it's my nature.

A few days ago, I met my friend.
before our appointment, I had about 30 minutes to kill.

Thirty minutes... it might be enough or not enough to look around the stores.
However, I decided to go window-shopping!!

Yes, it is my nature. I didn't want to waste of time.

There were a lot of fabulous clothes....!!!!!!!!!
I wanted to try some on... but when I though of that, the time was up!

Anyway, next time, I would have more than thirty minutes to try them on.

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本気だ: I mean it

When I stayed in Australia, I had a difficulty to find functional pens.

What do you have in your mind, hearing “a functional pen”?
Actually I just meant an ordinary pen, which could be working for a several months.

However, when I spared a lot of time to look for them,
I realized that what I considered a general thing in Japan was a special thing in Australia
when it comes to stationery.

A few days ago, I went to the department store with my son.
When we were about to go back home, he found a variety of erasers,
which were shaped in imitation of some vehicles, food, animal, toothbrush etc.

He held a few of them in his arm and nagged me to buy them.
I was going to refuse him first but… they looked so cute and he,
who rarely cries and persuades me to buy something,
cried and asked me to buy them again and again.

I knew how much he meant it.
His affordable crying face and authentic looking easily induced me to change my mind.

The picture is what I bought for my son.
A bus is missing… maybe it is running somewhere in my living room.
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一目見て:at first glance

I heard from my Canadian tutor that it was common to wash clothes separately by color in Canada.

In Japan, it maybe common to wash all of them at once or
a meticulous person tends to do the laundry by clothes materials.
Of course, it is not the case with me at all…

When I was talking about that with Canadian,
I remembered an incident I had when I had a home stay in Australia.

At that time, all my laundries were left for my host mother.
I didn’t care about how she washed them as long as they were clean.

However, one day I found a mixed colored T-shirt
among neatly folded laundries in my room. That was my formerly white shirt.

At first glance, I didn’t even recognize that it was my T-shirt
because the shape of the shirt was also different from what it used to be…

I didn’t say anything about it to her since my English wasn’t good enough to criticize her.
It made me disappointed a bit and
I realized that even my own life there couldn’t not be controlled by myself.

However, looking back today,
it could be one of the precious experiences which taught me a culture difference.

I wish I should have brought the rainbow colored T-shirt back to Japan
and kept it as one of keepsake.
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