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become withdrawn and weepy:引っ込み思案で涙もろくなる

It is known well that women can become depressed following childbirth.
The signs of depression, such as becoming withdrawn and weepy, is recognizable.

In addition, I knew that one in 10 men also experienced depression at some time
before the child's first birthday.

It seems that the stress and sleep deprivation are thought to be significant factors
for both of parents.

However, looking back to our days around my son's birthday,
he seemed very fine except for having a runny nose due to hay fever.

Maybe the key to avoid such a depression is to separate the place to sleep.
At that time, I was suffering from serious sleep deprivation. On the other hand,
my husband, who slept away from me and our son, must have had enough sleep.

But I don’t know if it is good that we don’t break this habit even now.
It may be the time to think we sleep together,
literally lying down like Chinese character, 川。
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